Skin Tags




Skin tags are small growths some people develop around the neck, armpit(s), groin, and/or under the breast area(s). Their name perfectly describes them, as they look like tiny bits of skin. The medical term for a skin tag is acrochordon. The tendency to develop skin tags is inherited. Skin tags sometimes can turn tan or brown. They are harmless and never have the potential to become malignant.


At times, a skin tag may become sore from rubbing against clothing or jewelry. Although annoying, this is not dangerous.




Skin tags are harmless and are treated only if you find them unsightly or a nuisance. Removal of skin tags can be done in a simple office procedure. Treatment options are:

  • Freezing with liquid nitrogen
  • Cauterizing with an electric needle
  • Snipped off with surgical scissors

The entire healing process generally takes 1-2 weeks.


New skin tags can form even if all existing tags have been removed as there is no way of preventing them.


Insurances do not cover the cost for removal of tags; this is considered a cosmetic procedure. Therefore, payment will be due at the time service is completed.