Here at Accent Dermatology  we treat a wide variety of skin issues with a caring, professional touch.  We devote ourselves towards making sure that you as our patient understand your skin and the treatments we are using to help maintain, protect and help your skin heal.  You can trust in our board certified dermatologists to provide optimum and detailed care of your skin.  Here are a few of the conditions we treat at our office and some of the procedures we can help with.


Acne is a common, frustrating problem. There can be many causes of acne, which can make it difficult to find a solution over the counter.  Treatments from the drug store are often limited in scope.  Acne is actually a problem of the hair follicles on the face and body, and there are specific tools in the dermatologist’s armamentarium that can directly impact skin congestion, the redness of bumps, and the texture and appearance of the skin.  We also have options once the acne is under control to help with scarring, and recommendations for cosmetic follow-up with our aestheticians for maintenance of your skin quality.  Let our specialists examine your skin and determine the best tailored treatment course for your skin.


Rosacea is a condition where the skin on the face becomes red, flushed and puffy after specific triggers.  Sometimes pink bumps can also appear on the skin after the flushing, and with continued inflammation, dilated blood vessels can appear on the cheeks and nose.  Depending on the severity of the rosacea, there are different treatments that can be used to help prevent the flushing and treat bumps that may arise.  If more permanent fine vessels appear on the areas of rosacea, we have aesthetics options that can help reduce and reverse the small vessels.  We also have excellent physician office dispensed topical products that can help with optimizing your skin health when you have particularly inflammable skin.

Skin Cancer

There are many types of skin cancer that can affect our skin.  Living in Colorado our risk factors for skin cancer are higher than the rest of the country.  We’re active, outdoorsy people.  Let us help examine the skin, find potential changes of the skin suggestive of cancer so we can catch cancer early to optimize treatment. We triage the cases and occasionally refer to trusted specialists in the area who perform more complicatedprocedures.  We can also comfort and reassure you about the prognoses of the different types of skin cancer.  While most skin cancer is pretty straightforward, some are more complicated and will need additional input from specialist surgeons. Examples of skin cancer are Basal Cell and Squamous Cell, which are related to chronic sun exposure and are easily treated when discovered early; and Melanoma, which can be dangerous if not found early and treated effectively.


Many different things can cause our skin to become inflamed or develop rashes.  Rashes can be challenging in that red scaly rashes that look similar may actually be different conditions.  If you have a rash that won’t clear up, come to see our specialists, who can use their expertise to further clarify the type of rash and then provide an ideal treatment regimen to address your skin eruption needs.

Hair and Nails

Hair and nail problems are within the dermatologic scope, and we can assist with common nail deformities and disease.  There are several variants of hair loss and each of those have tailored treatment options.  We do appreciate any blood work performed by primary care to help with our hair investigation.  If you don’t have that information, we can also send a requisition to your lab of choice.  It can take several months for nail and hair interventions to make changes.

Dry Skin

In Colorado, dry skin is a chronic problem.  Some quick tips to help with dryness is to limit the temperature of water used in showers and baths, and also to moisturize with a thick neutral cream after any hot/warm water exposure.  Also trying to use liquid soaps as opposed to antibacterial bar soaps, as bar soaps can sometimes dry the skin out further.  If the skin is still itchy or rashy, come in to see us if there is a different cause of the dry skin rash.


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