Activated Blue Light Treatment: Studies have shown having one to two treatments, done 8 weeks apart, can reduce the number of pre-cancers by about 70%. The skin is pretreated with a chemical called Aminolevulenic Acid (5-ALA) for an hour. Then a special light source emitting Blue Light is used to activate the 5-ALA that has attached itself to the damaged skin. After the treatment, the skin may feel mildly sunburned and may look pink or red with some crusty areas for about a week. The skin is expected to heal smoothly when taken care of as directed by your doctor. This may vary based on your plan and you are responsible to understand what your plan covers. You should check with your insurance company if they will cover the treatment prior to having the treatment done.


  • ICD-10 IS L57.0 (Actinic Keratosis)
  • CPT IS 96567 (Photodynamic Treatment)
  • CPT IS 96573        (Photodynamic Treatment)
  • CPT IS 96574 (Debridement of Lesions)
  • JCODE IS J7308 (Aminolevulenic Acid)
  • JCODE IS J7345      (Ameluz)

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After Treatment Care: After any activated treatment you must remain indoors in a dimly lighted area for 36-48 hours. If you have light exposure, like outdoor sunlight and/or light through a car window, you will be more likely to experience more adverse effects like sunburn, etc. The face should be cared for as instructed with cool compresses and extra moisturization such as Aquaphor, DML Lotion, Vaseline Etc. for as long as necessary to allow the skin to heal thoroughly. A sunscreen with a SPF 30+ should be used daily and reapplied often. If you must go outdoors pick a very early hour/after sundown and always wear protection from sunlight.

Activated Light Facial Cosmetic Procedure done at Accent Aesthetics: This treatment is similar to the Activated Blue Light Treatment; however it goes deeper in the skin and produces an improved Cosmetic appearance for the skin. Not only are the pre-cancers treated but the skin becomes slightly more firm, large pores and oil glands are shrunken, brown spots flake off and red blood vessels are made less apparent. A rejuvenated appearance may be obtained after just three of these treatments, done 4 weeks apart. The Activated Light Facial is not FDA approved, but has been shown to be very effective in studies conducted across the United States. This treatment accomplishes much more cosmetic improvement than the Activated Blue Light treatment, but it is NOT COVERED by insurance policies.


Activated Blu-Light Treatments

Useful information


  • Are there any precautions I should take after the treatment?

Almost all patients experience some temporary reddening of the skin and in some cases crusting. Crusting is more prevalent in the treatments requiring longer light exposure. Some patients experience temporary swelling and itching. It is very important that you avoid bright light for 36-48 hours after the treatment and that includes the avoidance of light through windshield or window. Wear light-protective clothing, broad brimmed hats and SPF 30+ sunscreen after the 48 hours immediately post-treatment. Healing is usually complete at 2-4 weeks post treatment.


  • What will I experience during the treatment?

During the period of light exposure (17 minutes), some patients feel a stinging and/or burning in the treated areas. Usually this improves after the treatment or ends within 24 hours.


  • Is there anything my Doctor should know before I begin treatment?

Are you currently or do you have a history of:


  • Porphyria or known allergies to Porphyrin(s)
  • Known allergies to any medication (Ameluz, Levulan) and all other allergies
  • Active pregnancy or breast feeding
  • Photosensitivity
  • Inherited and/or acquired blood-clotting disease


  • How effective is this treatment?

The Levulan PDT (Photodynamic Therapy) has been proven effective in clinical testing. Over 70% clearing of AKs after two treatments done two months apart has been documented.



Frequently asked questions for the Activated BLU-U Procedure

If you have any questions about the Activated Blu-U Procedure, you are not alone. Here are some of the questions other patients commonly ask about this advanced new treatment.


Will I feel any discomfort during the Blu-U treatment?

  • Patients may experience stinging and burning during the light treatment, usually plateauing in intensity at about 6 minutes and subsiding soon after the treatment with the potential to last up to a few week(s).
  • Almost ALL patients experience swelling and reddening almost immediately following the light treatment and dissipating within a couple of days post treatment.
  • Discomfort will usually occur immediately following the treatment, rather than in the week(s) following a treatment.


If I wear sunscreen, will it be sufficient to avoid exposure to light?

After your treatment you MUST:

  • Stay indoors for 48 hours
  • After 48hours, wear SPF 30+, protective clothing and wide brimmed hats
  • Avoid surface area(s) and locations where strong sunlight can be reflected such as a snow, water and other natural artificial reflectors

What should I do after the Blu Treatment?

  • Avoid ALL sun exposure for 48 hours
  • Avoid extreme temperatures, extreme hot water, possible skin irritants and wind if possible

After the Treatment is completed, what should I discuss with my Dermatologist?

  • Post care of all treatment site(s)
  • Cleansers, SPF 30+, Moisturizers
  • Follow-up visit recommendations






  1. After any activated treatment (Photodynamic treatment or “PDT”) you must remain indoors in dim light for 36-48 hours after. If you have more light exposure, especially outdoor light exposure, you may develop more adverse effects like a severe blistering or peeling sunburn, etc.
    • This may take longer to heal then the anticipated 7-10 days of healing time.
    • Rarely, a person may have a strong reaction even if they aren’t exposed to bright sunlight after their treatment.
    • The skin will heal well after such a response, as long as the blisters are not ‘popped’ and the skin is left to come off on its own – do NOT peel the skin by hand.

For your convenience, the following bolded items are available for purchase at the front desk.

  1. The face or any other location should be cared for with a gentle skin cleanser, such as Elta Foaming Facial Cleanser: twice daily.


  1. Extra moisturization and heavy sunscreens with at least SPF 30 is necessary to protect the skin along with hats, gloves, and protective device(s).
    • You may want to purchase Elta Crѐme, Skin MD Shielding Lotion, Elta Moisture Rich Body Cream, DML Lotion, Aquaphor Ointment, Vaseline, or Polysporin, to apply as often as needed throughout the day to help with peeling.
    • Your skin may be tight and crack if you do not use enough moisturizing cream/ointment.


  1. For sun protection you may purchase Elta Facial Moisturizer SPF 30 & Elta Sport SPF 50. Do not forget about your scalp, ears, and other body parts – they need protection against direct sun exposure too.


  1. Cool compresses may be applied as needed to the affected area(s) to help with the swelling.
    • Compresses can be made by dampening two paper towels and placing them in a zip-lock bag. Place several of these bags in the freezer until frozen. Use one at a time as needed and return to the freezer to refreeze for future use.


  1. Antihistamines such as Zyrtec, Allegra, or Claritin (non-drowsy options) and/or Benadryl (may make you drowsy), may be taken as directed to help with swilling and itching, should it occur.


  1. You may take Ibuprofen as it helps with the effects of a sunburn-like reaction or discomfort.


  1. This topical care should be continued for as long as necessary to allow the skin to heal thoroughly and free of infection.


  1. At the first sign of a cold sore, please take your anti-viral medication:
    • Valtrex 1gm: 2 pills (2 gms) at onset and 2 pills (2 gms) 12 hours later
    • Famvir 500mg: 3 pills at one time as one dose
    • Acyclovir 800mg: 1 pill three times a day for 1 day


  1. If you experience any problems or have any suggestions please call our office at (303) 463-9600.